Reasons to Buy UV Sterilizer Singapore Today

A baby is a blessing and new born child is also so delicate. The little angels need extra protection from harmful germs, bacteria and viruses due to the under developed immune system. It is essential to properly sterilize milk bottles, pacifiers and breast pumps etc.

That is why we are sharing some reasons why as a parent you should choose Chickabiddy Ultraviolent Sterilizer and Dryer from online store like



Chickabiddy Ultraviolent Sterilizer and Dryer is 3-in-1 cabinet that can be used as sterilizer, dryer and storage space for all baby’s items. After washing the milk bottles and shaking off excess water, put bottles upside down on the bottle holder of lower rack and accessories on the upper rack.  By simply pressing “Auto” button, everything will be sterilized and dried in 30 minutes.

There is less hassle comparing to a steam sterilizer which may requires many manual works such as adding water, clearing mold, transferring steamed bottles to drying rack, waiting hours for air dry.



Chickabiddy Ultraviolent Sterilizer and Dryer are certified by SGS with lab testing report of 99% sterilization effect.

The large vent reaches 100% drying effect in 30 minutes for most cases. The bottle is ready to use after taking out of the cabinet, while it takes a few hours before a steamed bottle to be air dried.



Sterilization, drying and cycle functions can be operated separately and together. There are two time options of 30 and 45 minutes for more flexibility. Below listed all available operation supported by the cabinet:

  • 10-min of ultraviolet sterilization after 30/45- minute drying
  • Sterilization and drying at same time for 30/45 minutes
  • Drying only for 30/45 minutes
  • UV sterilization only for 30 /45 minutes
  • 24-hour cycle function which activates 5-minute sterilization and drying every 4 hours


It is easy to tell ongoing operation from control panel. The machine is programmed to memorize the last performed operation. Simply press the Auto button and it will perform the operation.

Double-decker racks made of medical grade stainless steel turned out to be spacious storage place which can comfortably place 9 feeding bottles (any size in the market), breast pump accessories and teats/pacifiers.



Implemented with latest technology of microcomputer memory and circuit design with high precision, the appliance has automatic shut-off function in the unlikely situation of overheating or other malfunctions.

The 5mm tempered glass is designed to prevent ultraviolet penetration. If the glass door is opened during the sterilization and drying process, the appliance will beep and ongoing process will pause until the door is closed again.

The metal exterior is not only meant to be more durable but also serve as prevention for UV leakage

Double-decker racks are made of medical grade stainless steel. The racks have special locking system so that they cannot be pulled out too quickly and the items on top can stand.



Chickabiddy Ultraviolent Sterilizer and Dryer is priced lowest among UV Steriliser Singapore.

Original Europe manufactured Philips TUV 6W ultraviolet tubes have long lasting service life over 8,000 hours. Even towards the end of the service life, they remain 85% effective in sterilization. Hence there is no need to change UV light bulb for at least 5 years for normal usage.

With everything dried in half an hour, you save money on drying racks, extra feeding bottles, pump components and teats/pacifiers.

Chickabiddy UV Sterilizer has long service life. After weaning, it can still be used for baby items (such as tableware, sippy/straw cups, pacifiers, toys, clothes etc), and other household items (such as tooth brush, tableware, beauty tools etc).

Chickabiddy UV Sterilizer is also famous for its low power consumption. Press Auto (timing 45 minutes) one time, the power consumption is about 0.07 KWH; press Cycle mode one time, the power consumption is about 0.05 KWH.



Chickabiddy Ultraviolent Sterilizer and Dryer are made in Taiwan with one-year Singapore local warranty.

The established brand Chickabiddy has been in Taiwanese market for more than 40 years and has always been Mothercare’s exclusive distributor in Taiwan.

Chickabiddy UV Sterilizer was first introduced in Singapore in 2015. It can be found in Singapore retail shops such as Kiddy Palace (selected outlets), Bove by Spring Maternity, Mums and Babes Singapore.  You can also purchase from our official Qoo10 shops or in Singapore today.